Sunday, April 15, 2012


                     Today I would like to discuss with you some feelings I´ve, just sometimes we feel our partner is not enough,  or I don´t have different needs but is not her/his fault.
                     Some people think is not really a problem just It´s because of our nature. Monogamy it´s just recently stablished in our specie, where women just selected the best projenitor and anybody knew who was the parent. Just we have to look around us, the different relationships, they are not perfect sometimes we find cracks at sexual and sentimental level, where also it has been described these kind of behaviour in animals where one of the most faithful species on earth the pigeons, this unfaithful behaviour has ben described. Just poligamy and monogamy it´s a question we have to select by ourselves what we want and we are happier with....