Sex Stories

 Punish Me 
I knelt there waiting, in the mess of my own arousal. The hot wetness all over my legs still flowed slowly from between my thighs. I whimpered pitifully, neglected waiting for the next assault to my battered body. Out of the darkness he touched me, tugged hard at my nipples bruised and sore. I yelped and the heat of his palm across me face sent stars before my eyes and fireworks exploded across my pussy. 'Punish me' I thought. Every atom of my being buzzed with want for the pain he could inflict upon me.
"You are not to speak, to moan, to groan or scream." he growled at me, his voice almost a whisper.
I tried so hard to obey, tried hard to be the good little bitch to be used as he sought fit. I nodded quickly as he pressed his hard cock roughly against my mouth, I opened for him. My lips curled back like the petals of a flower. The head of him prodded the back of my throat thrust after thrust and I tried to swallow him, desperately tried to fit all of him down my throat. His hand, those big hands clutched at my hair finger intertwined there in ever curly lock as he pulled my face to meet his thrusts. I tried not to moan as rivers of my nectar poured from me.
Pain always made me so excited but we all like it a little rough. I could here him breathing steady and even but my breath was coming in short quick gasps, not from lack of air because deep throating is my gift, but from excitement. The sheer power of him I could almost feel him deep in my pussy. 'Punish me!' my mind screamed. My clit throbbed and my pussy pulsed I couldn't keep it in, the orgasm was slowly ripping through me, a scream was forming in my chest and rising up to my throat and on one of his thrusts as deep moan erupted from me as wave after wave of orgasm pushed through me, as I squirted down my thighs and my juices washed across my knees on the hard cold concrete floor.
"Bitch!" He yelled wrenching himself from my mouth, depriving me of the taste of him.
I groaned and leaned toward him desperately trying to wedge him back in my mouth but the only thing that filled my mouth then was the metallic taste of my blood as he slapped me so hard that I fell backwards. Another moan escaped me as I lay there quivering. A light came on above me and I could see in his hand the smooth bamboo cane that often left such delicious welts across my body in places that another man would never see.
"Kneel." His commands were like words from the Gods. He raised his arm gracefully and I felt the cane smash into my already bruised breasts, the next blow stung my thighs and I longed to feel it across my ass. I waited silently through 20 blows, my disobedience would scar my flesh for as long as the welts, cuts and bruised stayed.
"Stand" he whispered and I obeyed quietly bringing my broken body to my feet, "Turn" I could barely move my body hurt so bad.
"Why must you constantly disobey me?" He question rang in my head. A new weapon stung and dug into the flesh of my ass. I turned to see, as fear exploded in my head, as small whip with thin strips of leather pulling away from my flesh leaving deep scratches. Oh the pain was exquisite.
"Do you like the new toy?" he asked. I could taste the grin across his lips without having to see him. I knew him so well, my sweet Master.
"Well?" he expected and answer.
"Yes." I whispered as a small shudder moved through me.
My legs felt so weak and I almost could not stand. My mind reeled and I could see him in my head like a silent movie raising his arm and flicking his wrist landing blow after blow upon my flesh. Oh I needed this pain. My pussy throbbed again and I felt myself losing control and then the blows stopped. His lips were dangerously close to my ears his breathing was heavy and ragged, his voice was the deep growl of a wild animal. "Spread your legs." He growled calmly.
I could barely breath yet I obeyed. He pressed against me, his chest to my back, and he drew his fingernails across my skin, over the scar on my breast that was still so raw from the branding. I was his property. His slave to use as he saw fit. He caressed his way to my collar bone and closed his hand on my throat squeezing to hard that lights exploded across my eyes. Each inhale was more difficult and he squeezed tighter.
"Cum!" he yelled into my ear.
My body convulsed and I thrashed in his arms, cum flowed from me down my legs and pooled at my feet. He loosened his grip on my neck and I moaned over and over again, each time it became louder and louder almost a howl. "Punish me!" my brain screamed and my legs stopped working.
I collapsed in his arms, shuddering as the strength of my orgasms weakened. He let me go and I slumped to the floor in the cold wetness of my own excitement. He stepped away from me, I could hear his foot steps fading toward the door. I whimpered as he unlocked the door. And as he was closing it he grunted across his shoulder in a calm voice, "This floor better be clean by the time I come back down here."
"Yes, Daddy." I whispered trying to bring myself to my knees. Who knew when he'd come back down here, there was no mop to clean up the mess, no rags or clothes to sop up the remnants of my pain. The only thing that existed was me, his slave, his bitch to be used as he saw fit. Punished for his pleasure at his discretion, a human rag to clean the mess off of his cold concrete floor.By RavenMoon

The Lust of Two Lovers

I lay with my head in his lap enjoying the clean smell of manliness that wafted from his sweat pants. I wanted to taste him, needed to feel him swell between my lips, needed to hear him moan in satisfaction as he raised his hips to meet my mouth.
I licked my lips as I thought of how it felt when he exploded in waves in my mouth as I struggled to swallow all that he could produce. I adored him and yearned for him night and day.
I rubbed at his sleeping member slowly, trying to wake it so I could slip it into my mouth. I looked at him and our eyes met.
God, so sexy. I pulled his sweat pants down and wrapped my lips around his hardening cock, twirling my tongue ring around the underside of its delicious head. He stiffened and throbbed against my tongue. I sucked him melodically, my hand drumming rhythms up and down his shaft as I jacked him into my mouth. He raised his hips as I ran my fingertips from his perineum to his balls. He moaned and stiffened to full attention in my mouth.
I couldn't take it anymore my pussy throbbed with want for him. It pulsed as it became wetter and wetter. I needed him inside of me. I slid my body up his, my lips touching his in a kiss filled with lust. His hands grabbed my ass, squeezing and spanking. I moaned in anticipation of the pleasure I was to receive. He raked his fingernails up my ass cheeks and I inhaled deeply. I lowered myself on his dick and felt him thrust into me. He was so big touching every expanse of my wet depths I couldn't keep myself from moaning. I lay my chest on him raising and lowering my hips feeling him slide deeply into me before sliding him out.
My mind exploded at the pleasure of him filling me completely, so big it almost hurt. He wrapped his arms around me and pounded into me harder and harder his dick rubbing my spot sending me over the edge. I moaned his name as he whispered in my ear telling me to cum for him.
"Cum for daddy!" He commanded. I felt my pussy tightening around him and I came. I rode him harder sitting up to feel his finger tips on my pierced nipples.
I moaned tossing my head back. He always knew the places that needed to fill his strong hands. I leaned back riding him faster, feeling my clit rubbing against his pelvis the ring stimulating me further. His hands held my ass tightly. Every rise and fall of my hips I was getting closer.
I could feel him thickening inside of me, his balls pulled up tight to his body ready to give me the cum that I craved, I needed it in me deep inside of my dripping wet pussy. I dug my fingers into his chest moaning over and over his name. Hi clenched my hips tightly his breathing shallow and I knew it wouldn't be long. He hissed between clenched teeth that he was cumming, I felt him empty his hot seed inside of me and it set me off again. I writhed around moaning his name as another climax hit me.
I slumped against his chest heaving sighs of satisfaction. Only he knows how to please me this way.

Dreams Can Come True

 I wake up suddenly, full of excitement and longing, from the same dream I have having for the past week. Pushing aside the memories of the dream, I get in the shower and get ready for work. I can't stop thinking about the dream while I wash myself, and I decide that I will make a special effort with my appearance today at work. The dream has left me feeling sexy and excited, and I am looking forward to seeing the boy who works in the warehouse that keeps pleasuring me in my sleep.
I get dressed, taking particular attention to my make up and my clothes, wondering if he would like what I have chosen, and if he will like the way my body looks in my tight jeans, and the way my breasts swell above my fitted shirt. Sometimes I think I feel him looking at me but I'm never sure – he's so much younger than I am...
I get to the office, and with red lip-gloss and perfume freshly applied, I make my way over to the warehouse. As I walk in, my heels clickling loudly against the warehouse floor, I can feel my heart beating faster in anticipation of seeing him and remembering my dream.
As I walk round the corner I see him standing by the work bench, wearing low slung jeans and a tight t-shirt. The sound of my heels alerts him and he turns round. I continue walking casually towards him, but making sure I sway my hips gently and give him my most sultry smile.
He walks forward to meet me, looks at me and says 'Hi, you are looking good today'
I didn't expect a compliment, and I blush and turn away. I didn't think anyone would notice that I had made a special effort, and I wonder if everyone can tell how aroused I feel.
I smile at him again, invent some excuse for coming to talk to him, and then excuse myself – walking away feeling triumphant that he had noticed the effort I had made to attract him, and feeling him watching me walk away.
I smile to myself all the way back to my office, and then I sit at my computer and relish the feeling of excitement and anticipation. All I can think of is going back to the warehouse and kissing him. I find myself staring blankly at my screen and remembering the dream from the night before.
I have my back to him, he is pressing himself against me, his hands curling round the front of my body to slide all over my breasts and the front of my panties. He's holding me close to him with an arm around my neck, and I'm so excited my knees are giving way and I feel like he's holding my up. I feel his lips brush against my neck and I moan softly. Then I feel his teeth graze my collar bone roughly and his free hand slips inside my vest top to brush against my hard nipple. I gasp and sag into his grip even more. He swivels me round so that I can see us reflected in the full length mirror on the wall of the deserted office. He stares into my eyes through the reflection and they are so full of lust that I can feel it pulsing through me...
The phone rings loudly, cutting me off from my day-dreaming of the night before. I mentally shake myself and answer the call..but I can't get rid of this feeling. And I can't stop thinking of how it felt when he kissed me and held me to him in my dream.
I manage to get through the morning without finding another flimsy excuse for going to see him in the warehouse. I don't want anyone else to notice my sudden interest in the boy. At lunch I go to the toilets to check my hair and re-apply my lip gloss. My eyes look wide, my cheeks flushed, and my lips bruised and swollen. I am sure that everyone else can see right into my head, and I am embarrassed in case they really can see how I can't stop thinking of having sex with the boy in the warehouse...
I tell myself that I need to get over these silly feelings I am having, and I should go to the warehouse to see him, to prove to myself that it doesn't mean anything and it was just a dream. I walk over slowly, making sure my top is pulled down properly over the waistband of my jeans, and my hair is falling nicely down my back. As I walk in once again, my movements slow as I hear the echo of my heels against the floor, but this time he doesn't seem to hear my as I approach.
I keep walking towards him, he is facing the work bench, bending over slightly to write on a delivery note, and I can see the bottom of his toned back above his jeans. I start to wonder why he hasn't turned round to acknowledge me, and then I just can't help myself. I reach my hand out and slowly start to trace the waistband of his pants that are showing above the top of his jeans. I feel his sharp intake of breath, but he doesn't turn round, so I carry on. I slowly circle my hand around his waist, and pull him upright and into my body. I suddenly want to do to him what he did to me in my dream.
No one is in the warehouse, but anyone could come in at any moment. I feel slightly protected though, as we are facing away from the entrance and into the far wall. I push forward so he is pressed against the workbench, and I squash my breasts and my pelvis into him gently. I run one arm up around his neck and push his head gently to the side so I can brush his long hair away and trail kisses lightly down his neck. He smells like shampoo and sweat. I can't believe I am doing this. I can't believe how excited I am.
I use my other hand to slide round to his front and start to gently rub against the crotch of his jeans. I can feel his erection straining against the fabric and he moans softly when I move away. Suddenly, he turns around and stares me right in the eyes, his pupils are dilated with lust and his bottom lip is pouted invitingly. He takes my hand and quickly leads me up the dusty stairs to the unused office at the top of the warehouse. My knees feel week and my heart is beating fast, I can feel my breath coming out in little gasps, and I am intensely aware of how wet I am between my legs. I can feel my pussy contracting with need and I know that I am going to go through with this no matter what.
The office is dusty and empty, the only remaining feature is a large floor length mirror covering one of the walls and a large teak desk. Suddenly I am shy, I don't know whether what he wants me to do, but then I look up at him and I forget about being shy, because suddenly I am back in my dream and nothing else matters. He moves behind me and starts kssing and sucking on my neck. I close my eyes and arch my back towards him. With his left hand he undoes the buttons of my jeans and slides into my pants to stroke my pussy lips slowly, until I can't bear it any more. I can tell I am wetter than I have ever been in my life, and I want to scream at him to stroke my clit and finger my pussy but I can't because he's moved his right arm and covered my mouth roughly with his hand. He's pressing me so tight against him that I can't move, all I can do is try and stand up while he's teasing my pussy and biting and kissing my neck.
I open my eyes and look at us in the mirror. My jeans and pants are now around my ankles, my legs spread as wide as I can get them whilst still standing up, his big hand pressed tight against my mouth, his fingers gently probing and stroking my wet pussy, and my eyes are wide and wild with lust, I feel like I might pass out. His erection is jutting into my back so forcefully, I long to feel it with my hands and my mouth and my pussy, I want to make him crazy with lust like he's doing to me.
He keeps holding me hard, and stroking me softly. He takes his hand from my mouth briefly to undo the buttons of my shirt and release my breasts. I arch my back so that my nipples are free for him, and he squeezes them both in turn, teasing me and making me even wetter. I've never felt so out of control. I would let him do anything to me.
Suddenly, with a groan he pushes me roughly towards the big desk in the corner and with one strong arm he pins me down onto the top. My jeans still round my ankles, I can hardly move. My breasts pointing up, my pelvis subconsciously lifted, I can feel my juices running out of my pussy and over my assshole. My naked cheeks squashed against the old desk, he pulls my jeans off my feet in a swift motion and lifts one of my legs up so my foot is resting on my desk. Then he stands back, and looks at me for a few moments. I can feel him looking at my pussy lips, my swollen clit, my hard nipples, and the way my taut tummy keeps drawing in with rasping breaths. I lay back on the desk, transfixed by his intense glare.
Then, he slowly lifts his t-shirt over his head, ruffling his longhair and revealing his beautiful tanned chest. He undoes the buttons of his jeans, but leaves them on. I can see that he is naked underneath his jeans and it turns me on even more – it's like he knew that something was going to happen just like I did.
He comes back to the desk, puts an arm round my waist and flips me over onto my front. My breasts squash against the hard wood and I cry out. Then, I can feel his hand grip me around the back of my neck and push my face down onto the desk top. In the same moment, the head of his hard penis brushes softly against my clitoris and I moan loudly and buck up against him. He keeps holding me down, and gently slips his finger inside my asshole. It's all wet with my pussy juices, and his finger slides in easily. I feel so dirty and sexy. It feels wrong but it turns me on even more at the same time. I start gasping really hard and gyrating against the desk as he fingers my hole.
Then, he's rubbing my clit with his finger, and at the same time I feel the full length of his penis sink all the way in to my swollen pussy. I am so wet, and so horny that it goes all the way in right up to his balls and I scream out with pleasure. He keeps stroking my clit and fucking me gently, and I can feel myself cumming gradually. He starts fucking me faster, and he grabs my thighs and spreads them as wide as he can. It hurts but it only makes me cum harder. He's pressing me down so hard, and stroking my clit so softly while he fucks me so hard that I have the best orgasm of my life. He shoots his load deep inside me over and over again and with each jerk I cry out with the pleasure and pain all rolled into one.
When it's over he pulls away, does up his jeans, and pulls his t-shirt back on. He turns me over, leans forward, and kisses me softly on my swollen lips. He stares into me eyes and says 'That was so much better than I dreamt it'
By H.Marchant

Passionate For Stoney Point

 I couldn't believe his passion. The door was left unlocked this time. I opened it slowly and entered the house. I could smell him, his scent all over this house, the scent that would soon be all over my body. I wore nothing under my raincoat as he had asked. My body trembled with anticipation. I was so excited, almost too excited to breath. My thighs were wet with my desire. I walked slowly, relishing in the friction that my thighs caused, taking one step at a time as I wove my path to his bed room. I could see the flicker of candles in the bedroom as I slowly opened the door.
I called out to him in the flickering light. His light breathing was my answer, his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me so close to him. The heat from his torso burned through me. "Undress." He whispered. "I want to see you by candlelight."
Every inch of my being buzzed as the raincoat fell away from my body. I could feel his eyes watching me in darkness. He ran his hands across my breasts and down to my navel. The final descent had me weak. My head reeled from the feel of him. He led me to the bed, laying me down slowly as his hands wandered between my thighs, stroking and rubbing. I moaned softly, cooing to him my adoration. I do not remember him undressing. I do not remember him climbing on top of me. I do not remember when he spread my legs slowly but I do remember the overwhelming feeling of him filling me. I do remember the taste of his lips and the soft feel of them.
We rolled around, intertwined as all thought that wasn't of him escaped me. I moaned loudly, writhing beneath him, on top of him, around him. I felt him through my being and wished that we could consume each other. His mouth found my breasts and it seemed as if I would be sucked into him.
~Yes. yes, just like that~
The bed shook, the house shook and the world shook as I was rocked to and fro in my desire. An orgasm never felt so sweet yet still he fucked me. He fucked me as if sex was his life and I was his sustenance. I wanted to taste him, to draw life from him to soothe the very desire that burned as hot as each flame that flickered and waved our shadow across the room. I sucked on his fingers, kissed my way down his arms, nibbled on his lips, inched my way to his neck until I was trailing my tongue down his torso. Face to face with the erection that controlled my every thought I breathed in his musk. And with my mouth pressed into his stiffness I parted my lips slowly daring my tongue to lead me.
I sucked at him. My tongue twirling 'round him, enveloping him. I could hear him drawing in each breath trying so desperately to keep his composure. His hips met my face and I took him in as far as he could go. My bottom lip brushed his heavy sack pulled up tight between his thighs full of the drink that I so desperately needed. I felt parched then, thirsty for only the nectar that he could produce. My lust was a disease and his cum was my cure. Only that could sustain me, give me back my life and still the quaking of the world.
~Deliver me, cast me into the sea of my own sexuality~
I was taken up then as another orgasm threatened to still me. Just the feel of his silken flesh between my lips prodding my throat, gliding across my tongue, just the feel of it was almost too much. It was as if I could feel him inside of my pussy again, fucking me relentlessly. We were there together, in his bed, my face tucked between his legs. I felt him thickening, swelling, threatening to erupt. I was dying to taste him. I became feverish with my lust and like a long awaited rain in a parched desert he filled my mouth. I swallowed, keeping pace with each eruption. I almost couldn't breath, his quivering hand stroked my cheek in the dark. He was quiet, just a deep rumble of quickened breath.
I crawled up beside him, smiling to myself as the night consumed me. I lay wet and naked beside him, drowsy, my eyes fluttering, drawing me into a deep sleep that smelled of sex, of his sex and my sex. I couldn't believe this passion, his and mine and what became OURS. The candles still flickered on, dim as the wax pooled around the lonely wicks. And as each candle died into the darkness I drifted deeper into my dreams and further into his arms, falling swiftly into sleep until he snuggled up close to me, cock hard and pressing into the round of my hips and whispered to me that he was ready again. And I couldn't believe my passion.                                                                                                     
 By RavenMoon 

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