Tell me how you ejaculate and I,ll tell you what you eat.

Semen is the substance produced by several glands of male  genital apparatus. This alive fluid contains  300 millions sperms, can oscillate between 1.5 and 5 ml with a maximum volume of 15ml depending on the sexual activity.
Semen colour normally is white containing some lumps, this colour can change colour by different factors , blood, flavins...

About the bitter taste it has been described that is due to eating habits, smokers have really bitter taste, sour red meat consumers, fresh vegetables make smooth semen taste, and you can get sweet semen, consuming potatoes, pasta and sugar...

Kokigami: Dress it up!

       Maybe it is time to improve and customize our body... Here you can find an original proposal for these days. Kokigami will teach you to dress up your dick enjoying with the funniest preliminaries.

          Kokigami is a Japanese sexual customize, originally was practised in VII century by aristocracy , where the genitals from the male are customized with origami figures to excite and  to show the potential of the dick.   This practise now has been evolved to wrap dick and scrotum with different objects to form different figures.

Here you can find and get some ideas...

Oral Sex and Its meanings.

                 Nowadays oral sex is a routine sexual practise but not was the same in the XIX century when was frowned upon, even among the prostitutes.

              This current practise, in fact, descends from our primate ancestors the Bonobos, Pan Paniscus.These are the unique animals, that practise the different forms of sexuality in humans, genital-genital, oral-oral, face-face, oral-genital.

In ancient Rome oral sex was linked to dominance and submission roles, where the active person became guilty where in India this practise was used by the eunuchs as a substitute of female genitalia.

Bible describes some forms of sexual relationships without getting pregnant, refering to oral sex and masturbation in Sodoma.

As you see it has different meanings, but I think the proposal is the same... ;-)

                              Numbers not to overlook........
  • The largest and the smallest penises, respectively, are found in Congo and India with averages of 8.1cm and 17.93cm.
  • The average length of the vagina is 8.31cm.
  • You will practise sex 6,000 times in your entire life.
  • Just 1 of 500 millions of sperm reach the egg.
  • 10% of the population is gay.
  • 50% of the people is not faithful to their partners.
  • The diameter of the vulva is of 4,5cm.
  • Now 1,400,000 people are practising sex.


                 If you thought sexual toys are a subject of these days you were not right.                                                                                           Researchers have demonstrated the existence of  these objects, dating back 2500 years ago . Being used in Roman Greek civilization, China and Egypt. They already knew how to please sexually. Some of them have been "imitated" in the present:                              

Dildos: This name was given in the sixteenth century, although the first were made in ancient Greece were called "olisbos",these were wooden phallic shaped objects lubricated with olive oil and pandering to the women of this civilization.      
Vibrators: It is said that in 1890 erupted in the western world mass hysteria in women . Symptoms of this disorder were anxiety, irritability, sexual fantasies wholesale. The doctors of the time, to relieve the discomfort, they applied a massage in the clitoris, a few years later was perfected by the invention of the electromechanical vibrator.                 
Balls: It is believed that this toy first appeared between the nineteenth and XV in Asian lands to satisfy the strong sexual desire felt one of the emperors, so he created ivory balls were placed in the vagina of women to the president could have sex right away.                           
Imagine how tuppersex were at this time.

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