Shapes and Sizes

Penis: Shapes and Sizes throughout evolution                              
              Always is amazing how nature can manage to get the most perfect structures and functions, to continue creating  living, efficient organisms.        Here I will show you some pictures of how the penis has evolved in the different animals, to create an structure efficient for reproduction and pleasure, to ensure success of the species.

What do you think now about our men?.....

And...How do you Cut It?

            The pubis is one of the few areas where we still have hair but not so in all women and some ethnic groups do not have, that shows the lack of biological utility. At present, the pubic hair can serve to characterize as well as to surprise to anyone you like, creating a different environment where you can be as original as you want.
                                  See here some examples:

For Cold Girls

For Punk Girls


For Flirty girls


For Animal Lovers

For Minimalist girls

For Playful girls

And very, very sweet girls.....


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