Monday, May 28, 2012

Gay way as an evolved mechanism.

        Nature always is amazing how can resolve problems in the organisms creating the most successful structures and species to adapt them to the environment. There are many examples we can discuss, one of them is the creation of the multicellular organisms, it is known that life emerged from water from the first unicellular organisms where this found a nice media to develop. At some point this unicellular organisms understood that cooperation could bring them a lot of advantages, protection, division labor, perpetuation. Establishment of multicellularity was not trivial, we can compare it with a political meeting where every person is not willing to yield, we know that this tensions are difficult to be relaxed and it takes time to agree acting as an organism to pass laws. Individual cells as individual persons, also want to dominate the organization therefore multicellular organisms to prevent conflicts maximizing cooperation they had to develop laws and rules. Development of multicullular organisms is the most elegant and amazing processes in biology for a lot of scientists.          Establishment of multicellular organisms allowed them to conquer the land and the different environments, developing the most original structures and mating shapes, to adapt the organisms from the hell to heaven, where of course, unicellular organisms were unable.  
Human, I think, has a reduced view of evolution, really all the organisms are innovating, improving, evolving in every moment at different levels: Losing wisdom teeth, toes and also in our mating shape and this is part of our evolution.
Gays were have been persecuted from the beginning of the societies considering them as abnormal people trying to eliminate this population, nowadays also we are still reparing this damage.
Science give us the opportunity to have different ways to perpetuate is not neccesary to introduce directly the penis inside the vagina for fertilization. An evolved mechanism to adapt individuals to our society is the gay way, where this people is capable to fall in love with people from the same sex. Nature never is wrong bisexual and gays are capable to eliminate the barriers of reproduction falling in love and taking care of people from the same sex what really is the most important missing feelings lost in our societies.