Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doctor Sherry Samples

Dr. Sherry Samples sat in her chair, listening to the patient. He was explaining, or trying to at least, his problems with his girlfriend. She slowly got lost, in a sea of dreams, as she looked at him as he spoke. Actually quite a good looking woman, she wore her hair short and primped it daily keeping it alive and beautiful as if she was 25 again. She was not. She was on her way to 45 but that didn’t matter she had as tone a body as any at 30 could have. Proud of it, this was her sea of dreams.
He stands up and I look at him curiously. What is the man doing? Okay, I know it, and you do too. He’s as handsome as they come, she told herself in the dream. But why is he standing up? Why is he looking at me like that? Is there something on me or wrong? I casually look down. Oh, maybe it’s this blouse. Maybe I should have buttoned it one more button. I guess I’m showing a little too much bosom…a little too much cleavage for that matter? Or even this, she thought…maybe it’s the skirt. I know…I know, she told herself, I shouldn’t have worn this one. She pressed her hands against it and pulled it “further” down her legs. Yes, okay…it’s too short. I know…yes, I know…I’m showing way too much thigh.
The client or patient continued to talk as she daydreamed about him and her, sexually. He walks around the coffee table, smiling, and looking right into her eyes. “Oh, don’t do that Terrance, as she calls him. Please sit down” she says in her dreams. But what she thinks is this- Ohhh, come here…come closer…take my hand…take me to my house…and make mad passionate love to me.
That’s what she was thinking as he went on and on. She like many women around her found him very good looking, in the best of shape, and one hell of a conversationalist and with that she wanted to undo his zipper as well as her own clothes and get it on with him. She could feel herself already. Her pussy, tightening and reverberating…ready for an orgasm as his command.
“But Doc” he went on to say as she daydreamed sexually about him “what do you think?”
Her concentration about him and her was done. She’d lost that train of thought and brought back to reality. “Uh, pardon me?” she said. “I’m sorry…repeat that?”
He did and she listened and answered him as she studied his face. Ohhhhhhh wow, he should have a million girlfriends” she told herself. She was falling for him even though he wasn’t coming on to the good looking psychologist. God, I wish he’d lean forward and slip his hand up inside my…thighs. God, yes I do. Do it man…make me…hornier then I’m already getting. I want to…I want to feel your naked body against mine, she told herself. Take off your shirt. Let me see your chest. Oh god, stop this Sherry. You know better. You know you…should be…more responsible…then this.
He shrugged his shoulders. “So what’s your opinion? What do you think Doc?”
“Huh, pardon me?” she said again. “Oh...” and she threw out some technical bullshit at him she knew he’d understand. “…so I’ll see you again when then?” she said to him. “Oh and I’ve started something new” she lied. “I give all my clients a hug letting them all know I care about them” and with that bullshit stated, she took hold of his body, and pressed herself hard against his it for a good long minute. “ how does that feel?” she asked as she looked hard into his eyes.
He smiled a bigger then life smile telling her he could go for a few of those per day. Then he left as she watched him, and his ass, walk out. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh god…damn…I’d sure like to bed down with him” she said aloud after he was gone.
Before she knew it and since she didn’t have another patient for an hour and a half, she sat on the couch he was on and her skirt slid up her legs. Sherry’s eyes closed as she began to feel the warmth of her thighs on her fingertips. Rubbing them, lightly, it didn’t take long at all for her hand to find its way inside her pantyhose and underwear. Sherry began with her clitoris moving slowly and surely inside her pussy.
“Oh…ohhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhh” she let out as she slowly slipped down off the couch a little. She fingered herself harder. She fingered it more rapidly. She wanted him so much, she worked at getting him back, kind of. His body was naked. His cock was long. He swung it in front of her face as a teaser and finally she took hold of it, slipping it inside her mouth. She sucked on it and she licked it all over. Before she knew it, her dream had him cumming all over her face and upper body.
“Ding dong” the door bell rang. She shook her head. “Who is that?” she asked herself. “Nobody is due for 45 minutes.” She, as quickly as she could, pulled herself together, but not realizing it did not do it very well. Her shirt was still buttoned as before. Her hair was pretty much the same. But her pantyhose, they were a mess, and she did not even realize it as she stood and answered the door.
He did, almost immediately, and wondered why her pantyhose were so “messed up” all of a sudden. He had looked down. He made a curious face. He looked back up at her and simply stated he left something in her office. She told him to come on inside and get it, of course, and again she watched his ass walk away from her. Ohhh that ass… If only he’d let me hold it in my bed…I’d hold it and squeeze it and-
“Doc is something bothering you this morning?” he asked.
“Oh uh no” she said.
“May I ask a question then?” he told her.
“Sure…yes…anything, I suppose” she replied.
“Umm why are…your pantyhose all messed up?” he asked.
“My umm…pantyhose?” and she looked down at her legs. Ohhh god…shit…nice job Sherry. “Oh, that happens with certain kinds of pantyhose I buy. I don’t know why I buy them either” she said flushed as hell..
“Well, okay…” he smiled and went on to say “You’re a lucky woman Doc…you have a great set of legs…you really, honestly do” and he winked at her with a smile. “Oh and I will say this…I do love those hugs you give patients.”
“Really, you do?” she said with great emphasis.
“Yes…in fact, I’d take one…from you Doc…any time of the day…or night. See you later, okay?”
He left and she went back to her seat. She pulled her pantyhose back down and pounded out an orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow…wow was…” and she was breathing a little hard “was that good” she said with a smile as she licked her fingers off. “When is he coming again? Then maybe I can get him to cum too.” She smiled, stood up, and properly fixed her pantyhose.

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